80 electrifying days 2012 the first 100% electric standard car around the world race
80 electrifying days 2012the first 100% electric standard car around the world race

Why around the word?


People have fear - never change a running system - but the advantages of the new technology are obvious and have to be shown again and again to get the world a bit better.


The history


Electric cars have not the needed range, EVs are not sustainable, EV's are worse than gas cars! These prejudices Rafael de Mestre could not stand anymore. Something should be done ...

The initiator



Rafael de Mestre - altruist and idealist tries to get the world a bit better organizing events to get rid of the fear for electric cars.



Next world around race starts 2016

For the next around the world race in 80 days wanted:

  • 100% electric cars
  • drivers
  • cities
  • sponsors
  • track marshals
  • control center agents
  • publicists

who want to participate the great global event. Read more here

2012 race won by Spain - great thanks to Tesla for the world record repairing!

Place Kleber 22.9.2012

Spanish driver won the race and reached also Strasbourg 300 km earlier as the French.

Click here to see the whole race track

next races - drivers wanted

80edays 2020 - the ultimate strike!

Planning started - Rafael de Mestre organizes the third around the world race.

Klick here to see the partipition conditions.

Plan iniciado - Rafael de Mestre organiza la carrera electrica proxima por el mundo.

Vea aqui para las condiciones de participar.

Planung gestartet - Rafael de Mestre organisiert die dritte elektrische Weltumrundung.

Klicken Sie hier für die Teilnahmebedingungen.

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2.9.2012 After 22.821 km of driving through desert sandstorms, heat till 53°C, baddest roads on earth and thunderstorms, the electric car reaches Germany and crashes into a car accident close before the finish line.

Nothing could stop the car from driving and now Rafael de Mestre is standing beside the rests of his car.


See accident video taken from onboard camera:



3.9.2012 Tesla service gives the first infomation that the car can be repaired, but it will last about 3 weeks in normal case. The insurance company Basler and Tesla will try to work together to accellerate the procedure of motor vehicle assesment ...


4.9.2012 Tesla mounted the crashbox over night, repairing KIT with 5 technicians in parallel! Working till the night so that the painting can dry till next morning.


5.9.2012 Finishing and putting stickers so that car is ready at 17h

Interested in sponsoring?

Use the trip to present your company or product all over the world press and TV.

Go to sponsors page to see more information.

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